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She eventually captures Mindfang with the aid of her dragon lusus, Pyralspite. Not knowing about the Dragon, Mindfang had understimated her. Mindfang’s sensitive vision eightfold is burned out by looking into the dragon’s bright eyes, and her arm is severed by Redglare. Unfortunately, Mindfang uses her powers during her trial to turn the spectators’ aggression towards Redglare, causing a riot that leaves her hanging from the very noose intended for Mindfang.

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So there’s this guy who’s willing to drive me to Burlington Comic Con next month and if I can go I might go as Rose so if he tries to hit on me, I can stab my knitting needles in his thighs.


"It’s ok, I’ll be an assist trophy. Watch what I can do in ten seconds!!"

Colored by me, drawn by the the awesome Jeiae. Go there for more sweet junk like this!!!

I’m also doing a short daisy comic soon for a fanzine. Practicing lighting for a certain scene here in this pic.



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